11 Tips to Make Your Travel Worry Free

With the holidays upon us, many individuals will be travelling more frequently. Travelling can be a real headache, and just the anticipation of what might go wrong can cause a lot of stress. With these easy tips, you can ensure your travel is a great experience and enjoy your time away from home.

  1. Use lemons or limes to stay fresh during long travel days

Travelling is grueling, and can often leave you feeling grungy and gross. This is especially true for long plane rides and car trips. To stay feel fresh and clean, carry a lemon with you in your carry on. When you start to feel smelly, just slice off a small piece and rub it on your arm pits. Make sure you don’t have a cut! Also, if you’re travelling by air, use a knife provided at one of the restaurants in the terminal to slice your lemon. If you try to bring one with you, it will be confiscated.

  1. Save money by bringing your favorite instant tea or coffee with you

To reduce the cost of purchasing tea or coffee in the airport, pack a reusable thermal cup. The ones sold at Starbucks are a great option. Inside the cup, place a Ziploc bag with your favorite tea bags or instant coffee. Instead of spending $3-5 on a warm beverage, you can just ask for hot water and make your own. Not only will this save some money, but it will also give you some of the comforts of home.

  1. Avoid the headache of tangled jewelry by using Glad Press n’ Seal

Every woman knows the hassle of pulling out packed jewelry only to find it in a tangled mess. Avoid this travelling pitfall by packing jewelry in Glad reusable coffee cup Press n’ Seal sheets. Just lay out a sheet of Press n’ Seal with the sticky side up. Then carefully lay jewelry out on it, and cover with other sheet of Press ‘n Seal. This will keep your jewelry tangle free throughout your travels.

  1. Use a medicine container to store earrings and rings

Small pieces of jewelry are often lost during travels. To avoid this, purchase a cheap daily medicine container at your local dollar store. You can then use each compartment to store a ring or pair of earrings. When you arrive at your destination, your small jewelry will be intact and you won’t have to search for a matching set of earrings.

  1. Protect designer handbags with reusable grocery bags

Use the canvass bags often given out at grocery stores or other stores to protect designer handbags from scratches or dirt. The floor of an airplane can be a sticky, disgusting place, and many women are concerned about the extra wear and tear on their purses. Fold up a canvass bag and place in your purse. When you get to the plane, you can take out the canvass bag and place your hand bag inside. This will protect it from any scratches or spills during the flight.

  1. Pack an extension cord

All to often, the outlets are inconveniently placed in hotel rooms. When you need to use a laptop or charge a cell phone, an extension cord can be a lifesaver. Avoid taking up extra room in your suitcase by storing the cord in a toilet paper roll. This will keep the cord from getting tangled up, and it will be handy when you need it in the hotel.

  1. Avoid exploding liquids with plastic wrap

When liquid bottles are pressurized during a flight, they often leak or explode leaving a stick mess in your suitcase. Avoid this by placing a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening of the bottle and then screwing the cap on top. This will catch any escaping liquid and help keep the cap nice and secure.

  1. Protect perfume bottles by placing inside socks

Perfume bottles are especially fragile, so you can protect them from breaking by placing them inside a sock. To make it extra secure layer your socks by wrapping several pair around the bottle.

  1. Organize socks by placing around perfume bottle

Tip number 8 works to help organize your socks as well. By ordering the socks by pair, you won’t have to search for a matching pair of socks. Just pull the first two off the perfume bottle and you’ll be good to go! This will also save a lot of space in your suitcase.

  1. Prevent powder compacts from breaking

Powder makeup compacts can easily break during travel, rending them basically useless. Prevent this from happening by placing some cotton make up pads in between the compact, on top of the powder. This extra support should protect the powder and leave it intact when you reach your destination.

  1. Keep earbuds from tangling with a business card

Earbuds always seem to be in a tangled mess when you need them. Prevent this from happening by wrapping them around a business card. This will keep them handy and easy to access when you need to drown out the sounds of an airplane.

With these easy tips, your travel can go smoothly and you can avoid those little annoyances along the way. Happy travelling!

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