Cannon Digital Camera Ratings

Cannon is the name that is doing very well in the world of digital photography. There are many Cannon digital camera models that have set newer trends in the booming digital technology world.

Interestingly, Cannon Cameras are always in vogue. All Cannon models of digital cameras-an EOS or Powershot ones, have stood out quite well in the market and are best selling, till date. All the ranges of digital cameras introduced by Cannon in the last few years have become well renowned by now. Cannon digital cameras stand high on their unbeatable performance in the field of digital photography.

Cannon produces all types of digital cameras, from SLR to the compact ones. The unique position of Cannon as a manufacturer brand is because of its expertise in the field of both image capture and in image output solutions. I am discussing a few of Cannon digital camera models here. The info would greatly help you get the best-for-you Cannon digital camera from the market.

EOS 5D Cannon Digital Camera

The full frame, compact EOS 5D Cannon digital camera defines the new D-SLR range by Cannon. It is a 12.8 mega pixel EOS 5D camera including a CMOS sensor and a compact and lightweight magnesium metal body. It weighs as light as just 810 grams. It features the second generation CMOS sensor of 35.8X23.9 mm credentials. It can capture around three frames per second and large JPEG frame burst. The start up time taken by the camera is much low, only 0.2 seconds.

Cannon Digital IXUS 750

Cannon Digital IXUS 750 is a 7.1 mega pixel camera. It perfectly blends together the breathtaking designs with faultless engineering craft. It flaunts an exterior with exquisitely finish. It also has advanced features and precision optics that are able to deliver striking results to you. With its perpetual and sleek curve design, the Cannon Digital IXUS 750 has a metal body, which represents the height of Cannon’s design excellence. It can give you an enormous 7.1-mega-pixel resolution that can render best photo quality prints with great sharpness in A3+ size. The optical zoom ensures great framing and excellent clarity. It has DIGIC II processor guaranteeing fast and responsive camera performance and better image processing.

Digital IXUS 700

Digital IXUS 700 camera from Cannon has perfect  Cisco Switches quality and designer elegance. It epitomizes the commitment of Cannon to the excellence. It combines the spearhead technologies to get style right in your hands. The other remarkable features of this Cannon digital camera can be listed as: curved design, 7.1 mega pixels, optical zoom, Quick-bright or LCD night display, Hi-Speed, VGA 30 fps movies, 9-point AiAF or DIGIC II or USB 2.0, 14 shooting modes, colors editing, PictBridge compatible, Print and Share button. The Digital IXUS 700 camera works with unparallel performance and irresistible style.
Cannon Digital IXUS 500.

The other model, Cannon Digital IXUS 500 is a camera ultimate in style and high performance. It has a complete metal body with 5.0 mega pixel sensor performance. The Digital IXUS 500 is a victory of optics precision, miniaturization and superb build quality. Its other striking features are compact metal body designer style, iSAPS and DIGIC technology, 3x optical zoom, 9-point AiAF, PictBridge, VGA movies including sound and Print and Share button.

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