Cheap Sunglasses VS Expensive Sunglasses

Ophthalmologists claim that cheap sunglasses are damaging our eyes and in many cases, the results are different eye diseases like cataract, myopia etc. They say that if you don’t have the money to buy yourself good expensive wayfarer sunglasses which will protect your eyes for sure don’t buy at all if they are cheap! Doctors recommend that sunglasses should be only bought from specialized sunglasses huts with the consultation of the specialist working there. Or if you don’t trust the specialist in the optician store, you can always go to see your doctor and ask him or her for a nice pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes best according to your needs.

Sunglasses should also come with a certificate for the protection that the lenses have. They say that the form of the sunglasses is also very important. Don’t buy the old fashioned John Lennon style sunglasses because they are small and they let through too much of the sunlight which makes them useless, no matter if the protection of their lenses is one of the best. Sunglasses should cover your eyes perfectly. So, big sunglasses are now very fashionable and have good protection too. However, is it true that we should buy only sunglasses that cost more than 100 dollars? How could these sunglasses cost so much? These are very common questions and here we will see how cheap sunglasses can protect your eyes too.

This is not exactly true. It is possible to buy sunglasses for 20 bucks, which will also protect your eyes as much as a pair that costs 300 dollars. Even in countries like Australia, the price of sunglasses does not matter because the country has standards for these sunglasses and they should all be in conformity with the law for the UV standards. In Europe there are no standards yet accepted which should be in conformity with all the sunglasses. On the old continent there are standards indicating if these sunglasses protect your eyes from the UV rays. European standard EN 1836: 2005 has two levels of protection. If the sunglasses do not protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, the degree of EN 1836: 2005 is 0. 2 which means effective protection and 6 means a very good protection, while 7 gives a full protection. If the sunglasses have the norms for these standards, they get the label with sign CE.

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