How to Buy a Sweatshirt

How to buy a sweatshirt may sound like a silly topic but there’s actually quite a bit of thought and care that goes into it. There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration such as, is it a gift? Should you buy online or at your local store? What should it look like such as color, fabric… Err – the possibilities are endless and confusing! Just like with other clothing pieces you want to make sure you’re getting a great product at a great price!

A sweatshirt is something that most of own at least one or two of, some of us much more than others (myself included), but let’s face it they’re cozy, comfy and just plain adorable but if you’re going to get one you want to get the perfect one. Let’s start with who is it for? If you’re purchasing the sweatshirt as a gift you’ll obviously want to take into consideration the person you’re buying it for! Do they like certain colors or styles? What about brands? Now, if it’s a sweatshirt for yourself you’ll want to take the same things into consideration but obviously go with your own taste.

Another consideration is fabric. Make sure that you’re getting a sweatshirt that is going to be made of good quality products, is going to be warm and is going to hold up when you wash and dry it. If it’s a great sweatshirt it will be soft and durable and if you’re going to pay a hefty price you’ll definitely want to make sure that it’s going to last for quite some time and not just one season!

Another thing to think about is where to buy it. Sure, most stores that sell clothing sell sweatshirts but should you buy online or in a store? This is preference but to be honest I say why not do it both ways? There are obvious downfalls to online shopping such as will it be just what I want or will it fit right. If this is of a concern then by all means purchase locally so you can either try it on in store or return it if need be. Online shopping for a sweatshirt has its benefits because there’s no need to out, find a place to park, drag yourself through a crowded store and try on the item. You simply click and order and return if needed.

Design: One consideration is the design of the sweatshirt. Designs that come in mind are crewneck , full-zip, pullover, off the shoulder, and with or without hoodies. Each of course has its own uses.

Personalization: Another consideration is if you want it personalized and customized. There are places online that allow you to submit your own design and then pick from a variety of colors and shirt types to have the design printed on. Make sure to read online reviews to make sure the quality is good, since you don’t to have the design fade prematurely.

Patterns: Sweatshirts come in various patterns. The most popular are stripes, solids, plaids and checks, printed, and beaded.

Custom imprinted sweatshirts are great for advertising purposes, if you have a business. You can A sweatshirt with a logo is a walking display, unlike say a promotional pen. Therefore a large number of people will be exposed to your logo or to your promotional messages.; Make sure to choose a sweatshirt color that stands out, for example neon color, and make your logo exciting.; For example add catching graphics and phrases that make people remember. But at the end of the day, even having your log and having someone walk around with it is a great promotional tool.

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