Secondary Track Addiction Treatment Recovery

The primary concern in treating an addiction is to stop the drug use or survive whatever consequence one is suffering. Secondary Track Recovery is about learning how to live after addiction without substituting for a new addiction and understanding those life events that developed a vulnerability to escapism.

Addiction Treatment professionals have supplied us with any number of syndromes that attempt to explain the cause affect of ones addiction. Identification and acceptance of specific psychological events can only be Marijuana Withdrawal symptoms addressed after a period of abstinence and mental cleansing.

Secondary Track Recovery is not easy and not without challenges. One must understand stable recovery takes time and self-discipline. Exploration into the past can not become an excuse to not move forward in the present.

This is the opportunity to begin to use all the tools learned in Drug Rehab that deal with triggers, boundaries, becoming assertive and self-exploration. Freedom from your addiction and dysfunctional past will depend on your ability to differentiate between past and present, not always an easy task.

Primary treatment in addiction treatment centers must be successful before someone can move on to Secondary Track Recovery. All the groups and individual sessions attended in residential treatment deal with different issues than will be addressed in secondary recovery. In 12 step rooms what they refer to as “more will be revealed” are those issues that begin to emerge from deep within your psyche. It is in this stage of your recovery that you face issues that until this time have been beyond your ability to safely examine. The freedom promised and self actualization will be realized through the work accomplished in this stage of your recovery.

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